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Gulets and Yachts offers you:

  • TRAINING ACTIVITIES (including the disabled)

Little useful information to sail with us

Most of our little boats or yachts are rented from Saturday to Saturday. There could be other possibilities available to be defined in advance with the owner.
Overnight stays in ports are usually the first and last night and the night when it is necessary to replenish the galley or the water supply. If the client wishes the first and last night can be spent in the harbour. With the Saturday to Saturday cruise boarding is on Saturday. After dinner the first night is usually in the port. The cruise then begins.. The return to the port is Friday afternoon or early morning. Disembarkment is on Saturday according to the needs of guests. There is briefing with the captain to determine the route and/or make changes.

All cabins have private facilities on board, some sailing gulets have services with marine toilets, or have a cassette toilet.The cabins are generally not very large, but some caiques have modified the interior and made them very large. Structurally, the aft cabins are larger than the bow. The cabins are usually equipped with portholes, lower beds (French) a square and a half, some with twin beds.
Aboard some Gulets there are bathrooms equipped with shower usually fitted with a staff/tap with hose and shower.

The linen and towels are midweek (on board some caiques twice a week). The cabins are cleaned daily by the crew in the morning, during breakfast time.
Sun mattresses are supplied. Some caiques include beach towels.
Mobile Phones can be charged during navigation or in ports. 
The sockets are standard European caique with two holes.
All boats are equipped with a dinghy. Tender is used only y the crew, for the transportation of guests and cargo. The full board and/or half board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is always served on board.
shore excursions can be arranged and organized. In addition, guests may choose to spend the night at anchor in the bays or ports where you can easily reach the tourist locations.
Almost all boats are equipped with air conditioning.

We recommend:

  • not to get on board with large or rigid packages;
  • not to use onboard heeled shoes or other unsuitable footwear;
  • not to smoke inside the cabins.

For more information, please contact us at (+39) 0973.878008, or e-mail

Charter weekly / weekend

We organize with all our boats cruises made to measure to any location in the Mediterranean. We offer the opportunity to surf, travel, relax, learn and explore lands and seas near or far. We give unparalleled sensations. Our guests will be pampered by the experience of the crews. We guarantee a safe and comfortable navigation. The Gulets and sailing boats are all designed and furnished with the express purpose of offering the highest level of comfort, security, elegance and professionalism. During the week aboard these magnificent sailing ships, guests can enjoy the scents and flavors of fine dining and, relax on comfortable reclining chairs, dive and swim in crystal clear waters. Those of you who love relaxed sailing and traveling in large groups with friends or family can choose a gulet or yacht for your vacation. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a yacht, without paying its price and why not.. the elegance and fun of sailing.

Cabin Charter

Cabin Charter is a nice way to go on holiday with a gulet yacht. You can rent a cabin on a cruise already organized by the same company, with fixed departures per week. Beautiful beaches, bays, coves, cliffs along unspoiled coastline, intense, lush Mediterranean maquis dropping into the silvery blue waters reachable only by sea by our boats, all completely different. Dream settings such as the Egadi Islands, the Aeolian archipelago, Campania, Sardinia and all the fabulous resorts of the Mediterranean.