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Wonderful Italy - Basilicata out of town - The coast of Maratea (

Posted on: 6-07-2011

To get away from the crowds that nests on the beaches of Maratea, and enjoy the peace of its coves you can rent, even for one day, the North Star gulet ( The skipper and owner Vincenzo Guzzardi is a former Michelin-starred chef who has left the kitchen to follow his true passion: the sea. On board the ship, Vincenzo prepares dishes based on fish with white wine. And so between sips of Aglianico and a dip, you cross the two coasts of the Gulf, the northern one, with the crystalline colors of Acquafredda and muffled silence of the cave of La Scala, a small rocky cove visitable only by boat .. (Lorenza Scalisi)



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