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Lady Wilmar

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Enjoy your holiday as a protagonist in a sea of ​​beauty, which reflects the strength and majesty of nature. Between the sea, earth and fire, between the waters and coastline ranging from Taormina to Porto Palo, which seems to dominate and protect the Etna, between the legend and history of the lands that have always represented the point of landing and the crossroads of men and civilization rich in culture and charm. It will be an extraordinary adventure, a unique and fascinating one, lived in close contact with a rich nature, enjoying the freshness of all the flavors of our land, and when the scents of nature and the sea blend with the aromas of the kitchen it is the apotheosis.

From Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean, to the stacks of Acitrezza, natural lava theater masterpieces of the dispute between Ulysses and Polyphemus, from the golden beaches of Playa of Catania to the south towards Capo Passero where the waters of the Ionian Sea dive into the beautiful Mediterranean, father of all the seas. Aeolian Islands, departing in the morning when the sun stands still warm, when the colors of sky and sea seem to merge into a unique and magical combination, when the quiet, smells, seem to accompany the moment of departure, an almost superstitious and propitiatory rite that precedes the fulfillment of your day with WILMAR.

You can make requests of the prettiest spots along the coastline of coves accessible only by sea, where you can swim in clear water, crystal clear and pristine. From sunrise to sunset you can choose between day or night tours of sea, earth and fire, between everyday life and to history that teaches a unique experience and one great purpose: love for the sea.

Contact ship-owner:
Wilmar Sailing Charter
Via Duca del Mare – Riposto (CT) Italia
Tel: (+39) 095.933288
Cell.: (+39) 393.7215000

Lipari (ME)



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